Facial and Beauty

  • Mini Facial Cleaning
  • Facial Delux Cleaning
  • Oxigenating Facial Treatment
  • Anti Aging Facial
  • Gentelman's Facial

Mini Facial Cleaning

This cleansing treatment eliminates all impurities through exfoliation, toning and oxygenating your skin with a facial massage to finish.


Facial Delux Cleaning

Suitable for all skin types. Following the techniques previously described in the mini facial treatment, we add the extraction and ozone steam to remove deeper all the impurities of your skin. Applying two masks, one moisturising and the other according to your skin type, the final effect will leave your skin glowing.


Oxigenating Facial Treatment

We guarantee maximum relaxation with this facial treatment. It is not only for cleansing, but also includes a deep massage and special oxygenating mask, which will provide hydration to your skin just like new.

Anti Aging Facial

After a gentle exfoliation to leave your skin free of impurities, we apply a special firming massage and lifting effect mask, leaving a feeling of well being after your skin has been rejuvenated.

Gentelman's Facial

Exclusive treatment for men who take care their skin. Adapting to your skin type, we start with a deep extracting cleansing with ozone steam, followed by a fabulous face mask applies with an invigorating massage that will leave a feeling of freshness and a unique result.